• Amusing Dog Hats

    Amusing Dog Hats

    Let your dog’s funkiness shine through with this assortment of unique dog hats. Rex will be the talk of the hood with this variety of quirky styles to choose from… including a Viking Warrior, Queen Elsa, and Yoda from Star Wars, just to name a few.




  • Unicorn Horn Horse Attachment

    Unicorn Horn Horse Attachment

    Transform Bessie into the mythical creature she’s always yearned to be with the Unicorn Horn Horse Attachment. Simply secure the horn to your steeds brow, and you’ll be ready to gallop into the sunset on the back of your enchanting Unicorn.


  • Dog TV

    Dog TV

    Your pooch will never be lonely again with Dog TV providing a unique array of scientifically based programing created for dogs that spend time alone. Specially designed to enhance your dog’s auditory and visual skills, these canine friendly programs help alleviate the stress your pet often feels when you’re not there to spoil him shamelessly.


  • Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

    Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

    Mess with the minds of your guests at your next barbecue party, as they do a double take when spotting the Horse Head Squirrel Feeder. Once the bushy tailed little rodent places his head into the feeder, he’s instantly transformed into a hallucinogenic hybrid of squirrel and horse.


  • Cat Battle Armour

    Cat Battle Armour

    Tiger will channel his inner warrior when he dons the Cat Battle Armor. Made of durable veg-tan leather, this formidable suit of armor protects your little soldier from any danger encountered while he’s out mixing it up with the dog next door.   





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